Why Twitter Follower Numbers Are Overrated

August 3, 2019   |   by lily

When promoting your small business or website on twitter, it can sometimes feel as if followers are hard to come by. You look at your competitors’ twitter accounts and see that they have millions, and compared with your paltry few dozen, you feel inferior and ask yourself if it’s truly worth bothering with after all. If your information is just going out to a small number of people, is it still worth your while sending it in the first place? Well, yes it is. Firstly, you will not be able to draw in any other readers if there is no activity on the account. Would you bother following a person who hardly ever tweeted, interacted or posted at all?Secondly, sending several tweets day-to-day or weekly costs you nothing more than several minutes of your time.And thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, there is more to twitter than numbers.The truth is, social media and social networking are, as the name indicates, social phenomena. They are about creating connections, and communicating with people. If you have 86 followers who you talk to and whom know that you are helpful and approachable, they are much more likely to purchase from you or take a look at the sites you endorse than if you blast out tweets to 86,000 people who follow so many people that tweets go unread and who, oftentimes, are robots who don’t read any tweets at all.Building human relationships is what makes twitter and facebook the successes they are, for small companies and internet marketers. For sure, it might feel very good to have millions of followers, but that’s a vain, shallow achievement. The real success is conversing with your clients, and prospective buyers, in ways they can relate to, and in ways that they appreciate.The harder you work at relationship building, the more followers you will appeal to in the long-run, and the more people will have faith in you and your company. You can go to a (maybe disreputable) website and pay for followers, but will those followers actually decide to buy from you? Will they ever click your links? If they are willing to be paid for, they are either automatic (and for this reason no use to your business), or there for self-interest (and therefore no use to your business). The temptation to find unusual and wonderful ways to get millions of followers in 1 week can be great, but to truly increase your business, organic, real human followers are what you need to have. And 100 of those are well worth 100,000 fakers.